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New Life.
Thursday, 14 February 2013 @ 10:27 | 0 Comment [s]

Hello theree , since long time I didn't update my blog .. Now I might gonna write a post in every week.  So as you guys know now Im in Secondary Schoo Life .  For me its fine , but a bit tired. umm yeaa.. Actually I don't know what to type for this post but I do really reaally miss this lovely blog :')

Right now , Im gonna tell you guys story of my new life . Everyday , I'll woke up at 9am depends lah :p and sometimes I'll skype with my Currleh Curls . and then I'll go shower , pack my bags , get ready and go to my friend house which is just opposite to my house cause we always walk together to school :) We took 6mins to reach to my new school . After that when we're arrived we ussually gonna be at the Canteen before the school bell gonna rings. When the school bell rings , we all gonna line up at The Hall for assembly and then we all go to our own class ..
6.50pm. *RIIIIING* And the Hunger Games started. Haha , and me and my friend gonna walk home together with Currleh Curls and Tok Milo :p then when I arrived at home first thing Im gonna find is. MY BELOVED PHONEE <3 Ngee (Y) and tweet tweet tweeet eaat eaat shower and tweeeeeeeet. 
Sooo yeah. I know my english are so sooo Bad. and the story are very bored I know :'( .

Okay then people , Thanks for reading ! See ya neeext week (: BYEEEEEEEEEEE x

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Moving on and letting go isn't easy , but sometimes you need to start over and be new again