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Johor Bahru .
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 Aloha , what are u guys doin' ? Homework? Ooh , haha , Okay , Saya nak cerita masa saya pergi ke Johor Bahru masa cuti TBC , Yeah, that time was AWESOME , And I really love it , Okay itu first time pergi sana and selalu jalan-jalan , Bukan macam dulu-dulu , Duduk rumah je , Not cool. Hahha , Soo I have fun at Danga Bay Fun Fair , Dinner with all me lovely family later I'll post the pictures at the end of the post , soo on that time , that I was at the fun fair was me sister birthday , we had a GREAT time by Shouting in the airr! Hahah , Yeah ROLLER COASTER ! Weehuu , but We did not take any picture when we are ride it , yeah , because .. EVERYBODY RIDE it and its really Awesome :D

 I think I got to go now , And Time for me to upload the picture :)
Me and Aqil Danish                                                                    
Me and Aqil Darwish
Mattlehorn are AWESOME , Wanna see it? 

See , Im not shouting okay , Im laughing ! U kow why? Its AWESOME
Hahah , its me dad , So funny aite? Hehe ,  Actually  he already tired :p
BUMPER CARR!                                                                   
Comel kan?                                              
Me at the Merry Go Round! Nasib baik tak kena kepala! haha                                        
The Ferris Wheel is So nais ! Me lav it 
       I think that's all , should I post :) And I got to go now , Byeeeee :) See ya later on next post :) Adios!

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