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Sadness day ever ,
Thursday, 17 November 2011 @ 22:10 | 1 Comment [s]

   Today , At school , We are having 'Hari Persaraan Puan Teh Ah Lee' first thing first we dint cry , we just like , Oh Puan Teh is retiring? Soo ? Then the school teacher's make a Slide Show about her , That time , I was OMG  , Dont cry Aiman , Be strong , Then , past , I dint cry that time , but when Pn. Teh crying , and give us a speech , and suddenly my tears flow Hmm , After that , we make a presentation for her , from US ♥ , She's cry and cry , when the show begins, We sing then, suddenly I 'm crying in itself, OMG I missed her so much, I wanna hug her !! Secondly , My beloved teacher , she's always be good with me , but next year she's move to other school , on its hometown , OMG , I've hugged her and I cry I cry , So now , I wish I can met them AGAIN 
From your beloved student   

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Moving on and letting go isn't easy , but sometimes you need to start over and be new again